Music and Dance


The music and dance department is committed to providing knowledge and experiences that will inspire students toward a life of cultural awareness and artistic interest. We offer a wide variety of classes and performing opportunities that are open to students from all majors and disciplines across the campus community. We encourage all students, regardless of their level of experience, to take classes and participate in departmental ensembles.  

Experienced and qualified faculty in the field of music or dance are dedicated to creating a supportive learning environment that will allow each student to thrive artistically. Students and faculty are bound together as a community of learners who continually seek knowledge, experience and creative expression within a department that, though two distinct artistic disciplines, finds common unity in the higher pursuit of education and artistry. 

Visiting artists from varied backgrounds are invited on campus to teach master classes and perform in a diverse range of styles throughout the academic year, exposing students to current trends in the field of music or dance and providing the inspiration that arts study can provide in an up close and personal environment. 

The music and dance department continually explores new avenues for technical and aesthetic learning to study and present the arts in meaningful ways. Email us with additional questions.

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